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Jack  Mavyan, CEPA

Jack Mavyan, CEPA

CEO, Principal, Financial Advisor

Jack has been in the financial industry for 15 years, and is the CEO, principle and financial advisor here at Merlin Insurance & Financial Services. His experience working in finance began when he was just 16 years old, when he took a job in banking. He continued to work at this job until his senior year of college, when he left banking and began his career as an advisor. During that career, Jack worked for major financial institutions like New York Life before founding Merlin Insurance & Financial Services.

His long-term interest in joining the financial industry was based on the desire to become an independent entrepreneur while providing a valuable service to his community. By the time he became a financial advisor, the country had experienced a major recession, and Jack witnessed many friends and family members—including his hard-working mother, who’d been loyal to her employer for nearly three decades—lose their jobs and all financial stability. These circumstances reaffirmed for Jack the importance of financial planning and the support of a trusted advisor, and he determined to provide that for as many people as he could through his work here at Merlin.

Jack attended California Polytechnic University, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Real Estate, and Business Law. His education and experience, and his work with The Guardian Network, put him in a unique position to offer truly comprehensive, holistic financial services and guidance to his clients.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jack continues to reside in the San Fernando Valley nearby Toluca Lake. He provides services to the LA area through his location in the Glendale financial district. He’s an avid sports fan and has been involved in athletics throughout his life, most prominently with basketball. More recently, he’s discovered an interest in yoga to help him live a more balanced lifestyle in body and mind alike. He also enjoys spending time with his friends, family, and colleagues.

Jack is a FINRA-registered Principal and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. He aims to help clients achieve balance and peace in their lives through financial independence.

Registered Principal and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS). CA Insurance License #0F55266.