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Medical Professionals

Wealth Management for Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, you’re committed to helping your patients live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. At Merlin Financial, we’re committed to helping you achieve that same health and balance in your finances. We help you address and minimize risks related to taxes, lawsuits, inefficient use of assets, and other factors, while preparing you for your retirement and allowing you to focus more on the things that matter. Above all else, your financial health and wellbeing is our priority.

Planning for Your Retirement

Juggling your personal retirement, the success of your practice, and the care of your patients can be overwhelming. This is made even more difficult for many medical professionals due to higher-than-average income tax rates and student loans debt. Merlin helps you find tax-effective ways to manage your wealth and focuses on relieving your debts as soon as possible, so we can remove that financial burden from your shoulders.

Once your student loans are paid, we’ll help you adjust your focus to saving and building your wealth through smart investments that provide long-term growth. Throughout this process, we offer regular “checkups” to keep you updated on the progress of your financial plan, and any adjustments we need to make to keep your financial plan on track and allow you to retire confidently.

Supporting Practice Owners

If you own a medical practice, your finances can be significantly more complicated. Merlin can help to simplify issues like benefits packages, retirement plans, your practice’s tax structure, business strategies, and more. With a holistic approach to your situation, we can help you to better manage your own finances as well as the finances of your practice, so you can meet goals on both fronts.

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