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Simplifying the Complexities of Financial Planning

We understand that the concept of a comprehensive financial plan can seem overwhelming, but at Merlin Financial Services, we utilize a simple and straightforward process that takes the bulk of the work—and the stress—off of your shoulders. Our process allows us to analyze your needs and craft a customized financial plan that fits within your goals and lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect to experience when working with our financial advisors.

Learning about Your Vision and Goals

Our initial conversations with you are focused on gaining an understanding of your vision and goals for the future. We want to learn what your plans are, engage in a cooperative dialogue, and show you useful new ways of thinking about your financial strategies. We’ll then work towards laying out a process that can help you achieve your future goals.

Understanding Your Current Circumstances

Once we have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, we need to understand where you’re starting from. We gather information about your current financial circumstances to help both you and your advisor have a clear picture of both your current and your ideal financial position. This helps us to map a course toward your vision of success.

Creating Your Financial Plan

With the information you’ve shared with us, we’ll develop a roadmap that’s centered on your objectives, and designed to guide you from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll lay out your current wealth status and project possible outcomes based on your current courses of action. This provides you with the opportunity to learn about and understand the incredible possibilities that exist for your financial future.

Implementing a Customized Strategy

Using our holistic planning process as your guide, we’ll begin to implement strategies selected to help you achieve measurable results. This might include purchasing insurance coverage, making investments, opening retirement accounts, and other actions based on your customized financial plan. We’ll do all the legwork, removing the burden from your shoulders, while keeping you informed at all times, so that you can feel confident your plan is moving forward.

Ongoing Support and Communication

After implementing your financial strategies, we continue to coordinate, communicate, and work with you to keep your plan on track. Through the use of The Living Balance Sheet®, you can keep up to date on your financial progress at all times; your advisor will provide regular reviews to assess your progress and make adjustments based on your changing circumstances. No matter how your life or goals change, Merlin will be there for you, ensuring that you stay on track to a secure, confident financial future.

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