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About Us

A Service-Centered Approach to Wealth Management

Merlin is a full-service wealth-management and planning firm. While many other firms in our industry are centered on matching your needs to an existing product, we believe in a service-centered approach that allows us to customize our financial solutions to fit you. We keep our focus on your vision for the future, and strive to create a lasting impact on your wealth potential.

Client Centered

As part of the Guardian nationwide network of licensed and qualified professionals, we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with access to one of the most comprehensive financial product platforms available. Our process starts with obtaining a clear understanding of our client’s goals for the future, and a clear understanding of current position. Once we are acquainted with the unique realities and objectives of each client, we analyze, prioritize, then strategize solutions. At Merlin we provide white-glove concierge services for the implementation of those solutions in achieving your goals. We aim to become trusted partners and utilize our expertise to alleviate the stresses of financial planning; we will take the wheel and make you feel confident.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Merlin, it’s our mission to empower individuals and businesses to become champions of their own growth and success. Our aim is alleviating the burden and stresses that finances and a lack of information can create in all spheres of life, both personal and professional. That’s why we place an emphasis on educating our clients regarding their financial circumstances, and create long-term partnerships to guide you to your goals. We want you to fully understand your options and opportunities, but feel secure in knowing that our financial advisors are supporting you throughout your financial journey.

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